Getting Robux for Free is Quite Easy!!

Roblox gives an amazingly fun and creatively exciting platform to the million of its users, to express their own power of creativity and cool level of imagination. If you are looking for a fun pastime, and want to build a powerful space of your own that has its own perks, Roblox is the one sure game for you. Loved by millions of users all around the globe, Roblox proudly stand out as the largest interactive social media to not only play but also initiate adventurous interactions, make new contacts, learn with new friends, and of course, have a full, fun loaded experience. So, with all these perks, is Roblox free and safe to download? Well, yes! This thrillingly exciting and cool game is freely available from every user interface, smart phones, desktops, tablets, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Xbox One.

A Vastly Growing Social Platform of Creative Imaginary with Thunderous Battles, and Strong Buildings

With Robux free platform, millions of players from every nook and corner of the world enjoy a thrillingly fun, amusing and addicting imaginary world of lustrous gifts, armor, and cool avatars, where you learn amazing tricks to learn built and fight to protect your realm.

Total Number of Roblox Players

So, what regions all around the world are addicted to this game. Well, the following stats, generated in June 2017 showed that Roblox has numerous admirers around the globe, but the players of North America have outnumbered them all.

Roblox is played by,

  • 26.1 MM people in North America
  • 12.4 MM People from Europe
  • 8.5 MM People from Asia Pacific
  • 8 MM People from Latin America and
  • 1.2 MM People from Rest of the countries around the globe

Other Facts and Number Count of Roblox

With such vastly growing network, created by superbly talented creators and incredible players of the game, it is certainly not a shock to see huge numbers of its downloads, hours played or growth percentage. But it’s definitely is amazingly overwhelming to see such a tremendous growth of your favorite game.

Here are some of the most mesmerizing number of Roblox. This data shows its immense popularity in the masses. This data was collected in the June of 2017.

According to the stats,

  • Thanks to its free download, this game was played for 8.3 billion hours in total since the year 2008.
  • There are more than 62 million active participants of this game.
  • The skilled community developers have earned 18 million dollars from Roblox.
  • The billing growth of year over year is 187 percent.
  • More than 6.8 billion people view Roblox page every month.
  • The growth of active users over year after year is 134 percent.
  • Every month Roblox is accounted for a total of 496 million engagement hours.
  • The number of peak concurrent users has achieved a total of 1.1 million.

And the game doesn’t end here, it’s continuing with high speed, making people falling in love with it, with an ever-growing number of players looking for some thrill, rush, and excitement.