2007 Update: Undead Torment (Diabolos, former Nokturne) is Necrophagia's new guitarist. A true passion for Horror and Gore, plus his dedication to the metal scene make Undead Torment a perfect fit in Necrophagia. Undead Torment will be replacing Frediablo who left Necrophagia earlier in the year to focus on his other band. Necrophagia wishes him all the best in the future. Necrophagia's SLIT WRISTS AND CASKET ROT AVAILABLE NOW! Slit Wrists & Casket Rot is a live CD from the Harvesting the Dead tour. Containing 12 tracks and a bonus CD ROM clip "Blood Freak". Order yours today for $12 through Red Stream. Necrophagia's "Necrotorture/Sickcess" is a vomitous concoction of footage from shot on the road during the band's 2003 European tour, including an entire live show from Spain. With the help of Fred Vogel, whom horror fanatics will recognize from the renowned video nasty, August Underground, and Jose Moral, who has shown the world his advanced visual aspects time and time again. If you're looking for a boring, run of the mill live show, you've come to the wrong place. This is chock full of murder, cannibalism, debauchery, and outrageous simulated snuff footage. The live video was filmed with four different angle cameras and is an entire hour of bloody performance on high resolution and Dolby 5.1 professionaly mixed sound. Nightmare Scenarios features the following 9 videos in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround, exclusive interviews with Killjoy, Paul Naschy, Jose Moral, Jorge Zarco, Dario Ferrer, and J. Luis Martine. Behind the Scenes - Set Building. How to make a monster : The Uncreation of Music(k). An introduction by Coffin Joe, Trailer for Necrophagia's Sickcess DVD, Still Gallery, and a special guest appearance by Necrophagia Goddess Jenna Jameson! Order your copy today for $20 through Red Stream.

2006 Update: Baphoment Records, Killjoy's label, now has a myspace: http://www.myspace.com/baphometkult Deathtrip 69 was be unleased Halloween 2006. It's raw, uncompromising, in your face Audio Horror. They have released Limited edition live CD from the "Harvesting the Dead" tour! Out 6/6/06. Coming soon is a 3 song e.p that will unearth a new era in Horror!!!!! Be prepared to bow down and worship!!!

2005 Update:
OUT NOW Necrophagia's NIGHTMARE SCENARIOS DVD; Necrophagia.com and Grindhouse Releasing will soon be unleashing the Cannibal Holocaust Soundtrack. This piece of cinematic history is a must have for fans of the film; "NecroTorture/Sickcess" is a live performance filmed in Valencia Spain, and Sickcess is a gore filled road movie directed by Fred Vogel and Killjoy (Both of which are involved in Toe Tag Pictures)The DVD will be released before years end on Red Stream, Inc; Killjoy just finished co-producing the Hallowmas debut "October Burning" out now through Coffin Records

2004 Update:
Band has released Goblins Be Thine, 5 song EP with samples available on their web site. The band is working on videos for their upcoming DVD, Nightmare Scenarios. New merch is also available at their site.

1999 Interview with Killjoy, from Necrophagia, by Jen

How is the release of the new CD so far?
Things are going well with "Holocausto" the reaction has been unfucking believable...we are very satisfied at this point.
How do you feel this album differs from the first one?
This album is better than Season in every way production,songwriting,musicianship.and it is by far the heaviest, rawest sickest stuff I've ever done.
How long did it take you to record the latest CD and how did it go?
It took about a month to record and six months to write ..we're very satisfied at how it turned out ..pureundead horror horror and sickness.
What made you decided to release with Pat and Red Stream?
Red Stream is a great label ..we signed with them over some of the bigger labels due to Pat's commitment and dedication the band..also I own his soul !!!!!
What do you think of Pat's donkey Pierre? Have you met him yet?
Don't know anything about that but I have met some of his girlfriends ..they don't talk much or move around and for some reason they are always cold and clammy and extremely pale ..
Do you mind all the traveling you have to do because all the members are in Louisiana?
No ..I love New Orleans ..it's like home away from home or hell away from hell if you will.
Why did you decide to have a college of people in the inside of the cover (which in my opinion was a very cool thing to do!)
Just something we've always done ..it's cool to put some friends on the CD.
Why don't you play many shows, like Milwaukee, or the Cleveland fest, etc...?
We are all busy with so many things that it's hard to get all of our schedules free to do a tour but we will play some festivals in the future.

Who does the mail for the band?

I usually do as time permits ..I try to answer everyone,sometimes it takes a while but I always do answer all mail.
Tell me about your record label that you are starting?
It will be called Devil Master ...I'll only sign bands that are to my personal taste.
Who will be the first release?
Probably a band that Maniac of Mayhem does called VOLUSPA .
What about the other band you are in, who are the members and when will something be released with them?
That is called EIBON.. It's Fenriz of Darkthrone,Maniac and Blasphemer of Mayhem and myself ..vile unholy black metal ..we'll record our debut album in Norway soon.
If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have three things what or who would they be?
An electrical source,TV/VCR and my horror collection
What is your favorite band of all time?
It would be a toss-up between Black Sabbath, Mayhem and C.Frost
Well KillJoy, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview. Any last words?
Thanks Jenn... hail Fulci..hail gore ..hail Jim Vanbebber !!!!